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“My Insurance Claim Was Rejected!”, This is How to Overturn it!

  Are you one of the many thousands of South Africans who put their hard-earned cash into the hands of insurance companies? Many of us want to believe that regardless of what happens to our assets, if we pay our monthly premium, our insurers will recoup our losses, but is that really the case? The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance, otherwise known as OSTI, released their 2018 report stating that last year saw a rather […]

I Crashed into a Traffic Light… Who Pays?

On Monday, July 30 2018, a minibus taxi carrying over twenty learners on the N2 highway in Cape Town, crashed into a barrier after its tyre burst. According to the Western Cape Provincial Traffic Chief, Kenny Africa, a seven-year-old learner lost his life.  Not only did this incident damage the vehicle, but it also damaged the barrier on the road. Many people are unawares as to who really is responsible for the damage caused to […]