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Load Shedding is back on schedule for South Africa, we all know that frustrating heart dropping sound of the electricity ...
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About The Panda

Many people have asked the question why the name MoneyPanda and the answer is simply why not! Panda’s are loved all around the world for being cute, cuddly and just plain AWESOME! Who wouldn’t want to make the dreaded admin of comparing products more fun with a Panda helping them.

The Panda's Mission

The Panda has one main mission, he is here to show the consumers that you simply don’t have to do it alone, The Panda is here to help you make your already complicated and busy life a little easier. The Aim of MoneyPanda is to make sure the consumer has the power, the power of knowledge to make the wisest decision. The reason we are doing this you ask… because there is so much fluff out there with all the TV ads, billboards and millions being spent on advertising to make you think that the provider with the most marketing budget is the best choice. This is not necessarily the case. When you visit The Panda we will show you who comes out on top by comparing.

How Does MoneyPanda Work

The Panda takes the top providers in that industry for that product you have chosen and we put them up next to each other to show you… true transparency. None of this “we own the brands that we compare stuff” we compare all brands equally and want to make sure the consumer gets the best deal possible. The Panda compares providers such as MiWay, Auto & General, MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, British Airways, Mango, Kalula and so many more.

Customer Satisfaction!!!(This is a big one for The Panda)

The Panda hates an unhappy customer, the aim is to make sure every user of the website leaves feeling accomplished in some way. Whether it be reading an article that gave you some insight on a few questions you needed answered or comparing car insurance because you were unsure of which provider could give you the best cover, or you wanted to upgrade your cell phone but didn’t know which package to choose. The Panda is here to make sure you are satisfied in one way or another.

Does MoneyPanda just compare products

To answer your question… NO, MoneyPanda is not just a comparison website, we are involved in each stage of the process and will give guidance and assistance as much as possible even if The Panda has to stay up all night to find you the answer.

Is this going to take me ages and then I still don’t get what I want? Simply put, no, the way MoneyPanda works is by taking all the mess and noise out of the process. We all have very limited time and who wants to spend more time than they have to on admin. That’s why The Panda aims to make the process as quick and painless as possible, your search should not take you more than a few minutes. One of MoneyPanda’s main goals is to really save you time, not just “save you time” and then 2 hours later you are still trying to find out where to enter your name.

Why Would I Rather Use MoneyPanda To Compare Car Insurance?

MoneyPanda works with a licensed FSP brokerage. Now I know the first thing you are going to ask is… “Is this going to cost me more”? Most definitely not! Your first reaction is that brokers are expensive and you have to pay them extra, in this case this isn’t true. The Panda is actually going to save you money. Because the brokerage compares multiple providers, we can source you the best price and negotiate things such as excess where normally if you go directly to the provider, do they let you negotiate? Nope they don’t! Why can we negotiate with them? Because we have the buying power of the consumers, which ultimately pushes down the prices. More than just the initial premium savings, when you have a dedicated broker they do things for you without you asking, things such as an annual review to see if you can save money at a different provider which you wouldn’t even think of doing.

The broker is your friend, your go to person for any insurance related questions you may have. Your broker doesn’t only answer questions but they also, wait for it…. help you at claims stage! Now if you have ever claimed for an accident you were in you will know how frustrating this part is. And if you have had the fortune of not claiming take it from us… it’s seriously not fun when you have to deal directly with the provider. So, The Panda has taken that off your plate, you deal with your broker, The Panda will talk to the provider in “insurance lingo” and it will all get sorted that much quicker. Sound too good to be true? This is one of those rare cases where “too good to be true” is not the case, it’s real people, give it a try!

Who is behind MoneyPanda

We are not looking to remain anonymous, I mean transparency is our game right! We are 3 friends, Duane du Plessis, Ryan Marx and Jacqueline du Plessis (and yes 2 of us are brother and sister). We saw this gaping hole in South Africa, the need for truth and transparency for the South Africans in the service market. We are genuinely interested in helping consumers get better products and services for better prices.

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