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Hi There Folks, Need to compare car insurance?

Welcome to MoneyPanda, South Africa's trusted car insurance comparison platform, whether you're a first time car buyer looking for affordable car insurance, looking to change your current insurance, or simply just to read consumer reviews on insurance providers in South Africa, you have come to the right place


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Car Insurance Comparison Quotes

MoneyPanda is a truly independent online car insurance quotes platform. We strive ourselves in doing what's best for our consumers, whether that is getting drivers cheaper quotes or by helping them find the car insurance provider with the best service...or better yet the perfect combination of both.


The MoneyPanda Newsroom is our way of educating consumers on hard to navigate topics and products. We want to keep our users up-to-date with the latest news in South Africa and create a platform that is easy to relate to in your every day life, we write and investigate  for the every day person.

Provider Reviews

The MoneyPanda Provider Reviews is a massively important part of the MoneyPanda website. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and in the name of transparency we want consumers to tell eachother what their experiences have been with their insurance providers. We believe it is crucial for drivers to find the right balance of service and price when deciding on car insurance.


One of our biggest aims for MoneyPanda is to educate users and answer people's questions. The forum is easy to use, write answers to other user's questions and look up the answers to your questions. We are encouraging all South Africans to educate eachother and use their knowledge wisely.

Car Insurance Comparison Quotes
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Comparing the best car insurance companies in South Africa

The Panda has one main mission, he’s here to show consumers that you simply don’t have to go it alone and we can get everything done online. MoneyPanda is here to help you make your already complicated and busy life a little easier and compare car insurance companies for you.

The Aim of MoneyPanda is to make sure the consumer has the power, the power of knowledge to make the wisest insurance decision.The reason we are doing this you ask… because there is so much fluff out there with all the TV ads, billboards and millions being spent on advertising to make you think that the insurance provider with the most marketing budget is the best choice. This is not necessarily the case.

When you visit MoneyPanda we will show you who comes out on top by comparing car insurance provider quotes online. MoneyPanda doesn’t just compare car insurance prices but car insurance consumer reviews too, so that you can see who comes out as the top car insurance company in terms of price and service.

How Does MoneyPanda Compare Car Insurance:

MoneyPanda takes the top car insurance providers in South Africa and places them next to each other to show you… true transparency. MoneyPanda shows true transparency by pulling reviews for insurance company’s into your car insurance quote. The Car Insurance review is pulled from MoneyPanda’s Insurance Provider Reviews Platform where previous consumers have left their insurance experiences for you to read.
None of this “we own the brands that we compare stuff”, MoneyPanda compares all car insurance brands equally and we want to make sure the consumer gets the best insurance deal possible. The Panda compares providers such as Auto & General Insurance, Absa Insurance, SAU Insurance, New National Insurance and so many more.
MoneyPanda will also be your go-to-guide for all your insurance related questions by making use of the MoneyPanda Forum. The Forum was created so that users can answer eachothers’ questions as well as ask each other questions related to any topic and not just car insurance. In South Africa we need to stick together and that means sharing information and leaning on other’s for answers.

Does MoneyPanda just compare car insurance?

MoneyPanda is an insurance comparison website amoungst other things, we are involved in each stage of the process and will give guidance and assistance as much as possible even if The Panda has to stay up all night to find you the answer. We have created the News section to keep you updated on all topics in South Africa, the Forum section so that consumers can talk to each other about what they have learnt and the Insurance Provider Reviews section so that consumers can learn from each other's experiences and not make the same mistakes when choosing the right car insurance for them.

How long does MoneyPanda's online car insurance quote take?

Is this going to take me ages and then I still don’t get what I want? Definitely not, the way MoneyPanda works is by taking all the mess and noise out of comparing affordable car insurance quotes. We all have very limited time and who wants to spend more time than they have to on admin like car insurance. That’s why MoneyPanda aims to make the process of comparing insurance as quick and painless as possible. Your search should not take you more than a 5 minutes. MoneyPanda’s main goal is to save you money and get cheaper car insurance but also get you the car insurance provider with the best service to suit your needs.