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Oakhurt’s philosophy is “We Really Car, We Deliver”. Oakhurst believes that they do more than simply insure their clients. Oakhurst wants to create peace of mind for you when it comes to knowing your car is covered with the correct car insurance possible and believe that they really have their clients best interest at heart.

Oakhursts Car Insurance Products:

1. Comprehensive car insurance cover: This car insurance product gives you cover for damage to your own vehicle, fire, theft and relieves you from liability for damage of other cars (third party).

2. Third party, fire and theft: This Oakhurst product protects your car against fire theft and damage to 3rd party property.

3. Third party only: This car insurance product gives you cover for liability against damage to third party property.

Benefits of Oakhurst car insurance:

1. Good Driver Programme:

Oakhurst makes use of telematics technology to assist in the Good Driver programme that focuses on the following:

- Driving safety:

Oakhurst offers up to 25% of your premium cash back every month for driving well.

- Proactive Emergency Assistance:

This is an Oakhurst smart-box that is installed in your car that will send a notification to emergency services in case of any collision.

- Accurate Insurance Premiums:

Based on your driving behavior Oakhurst can give you the most accurate car insurance premiums.

2. Telematics Portal:

With the Oakhurst Telematics Portal you can access the following online:

- View trip reports

- View driver scorecard

- View Exceptions Report (shows you where and how to improve your score)

- Set up alerts if your car moves without your permission

- Geo-fencing which defines where you want your car to be allowed to go.

3. Personal Portfolio Consultant:

When you buy car insurance through Oakhurst you will automatically get your own Personal Consultant. This consultant will help you with all your car insurance needs such as claims, updating information, changing your policy and answer any questions you may have.

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Maambele R / 21-01-2019, 18:49

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7.3 "Oakhurst insurance - False Promise"

  • + .
  • -Oakhurst insurance Policy number : OAKW **********

    I am outraged by the service I am receiving from Oakhurst insurance, which is the supposed 1 year free insurance you receive from buying a Nissan Datsun Go so- called special Deal with wesbank, my car was in an accident in the first week of December 2018, the car was towed to auto-lab menlyn Pretoria, the insurance company said they want to move the car to their own panel beater but First-Help Towing company is not sending them upliftment quotations.

    I called First-Help and was advised to speak to Geraldine who then advised me that she will personally contact the insurance company, she called me the next day to inform me that she spoke to the insurance company and that my car is being moved to joburg at their assessment centre, after 3 days of not receiving a call from my insurance company I contacted my claims handler Amanda Mini and she said they never communicated with Geraldine and as far as they know my car is still in menlyn auto-Lab Pretoria.

    I then went on a call rampage between First- Help and Oakhurst insurance so that Oakhurst insurance can receive their invoice and be able to move my car to their penal beater which took the whole first week of January, after they moved my car to Krugersdorp Penal beater Oakhurst insurance did their assessment which took about two weeks and they are now telling me that the repairs of my car will cost 17K+ and my excess is also 17k+ so they will only contribute R100 to the damages is this possible? please help...

    I have spent two months now going back and forth with these people and I feel lost.

Donald M / 21-01-2019, 18:46

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10.0 "Very good service/help"

  • +Keenan Matroos gave me a good service regarding the NetstarTelematics and I can now monitor my vehicle .
  • -Nothing
  • RIt’s always fantastic to receive such good, positive feedback from a valued client. Thanks very much for the thumbs-up you’ve given Keenan.

    Have a wonderful day.