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MiWay believes insurance should mean freedom and give you the courage to be bold and enjoy the priceless moments in your life. MiWay wants their clients to live at peace without all “what-ifs”, they call it #insurancefreedom

Why choose MiWay?

• You can choose flexible excesses with your MiWay insurance policy

• MiWay clients can fix their premiums for a period of 36 months

• MiWay prides themselves on a hassle-free and super efficient claims process

• You can choose a preferred way that you want to communicate with MiWay, either via the call centre or online and they are available 24/7/365

• MiWay includes free roadside emergency assistance

• Free WeDrive services: This is a take-me-home assistance

With MiWay Insurance you can customize your car insurance quote, how?

- You can add cover for items that aren’t included in your policy such as sound systems that aren’t standard or add car insurance accessories to your car insurance policy

- You can choose to add car hire to your policy which will provide you with hired car for the period of time you have chosen in the event that you aren’t able to drive your car.

- MiWay gives you the opportunity to cover your vehicle for private, professional or business use.

- You can adjust your excess to the amount that suits you, the higher your excess the cheaper your monthly car insurance premium will be.

MiWay offers the following types of car insurance:

1. Comprehensive Cover: This car insurance cover provides the widest cover and covers you for theft, hijacking, damage to your vehicle, fires or explosion and natural disasters. Comprehensive cover also covers you for liability to other parties in the case of an accident as well as intentional damage to your own car.

2. Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover: With this car insurance cover your car isn’t covered for accidental damage or damage caused by acts of nature.

3. Third Party Cover only: This provides liability cover for any damage you cause to another party’s property.

4. Total Loss Cover: This provides cover to your vehicle in the case of a write off, theft or hijack. If accidental damage doesn’t result is loss it’s not covered.

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