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King Price believes that you shouldn’t pay the same premium for your car insurance every month because the value of your car decreases… why shouldn’t your car insurance premium decrease with the value of your car? This is why King Price does exactly that, your car insurance premium will be lowered every month.

Another great benefit of being with King Price car insurance is that when you insure two or more cars King Price give you a bundled car insurance discount which will also decrease every month. King Price will let you choose your car insurance excess that you want to pay (this will affect your monthly premium), if you choose a lower car insurance excess then your premium will increase and when you choose a higher excess your premium will decrease. King Price has also insures some of your other valuables for as little as R1 per month

Please note: King Price Insurance does not insure taxi’s or cars that are used for emergency law enforcement such as traffic control and armed response.

With King Price Insurance you can choose between

1. Comprehensive car insurance

2. Third party, fire and left insurance

3. Third party insurance

Benefits King Price car insurance offers:

1. Decreasing monthly premiums

2. Emergency assist for when you have car troubles

3. Quick and easy claims process

4. Kings Cab: at an extra small cost you and your car can be driven home by one of the Kings cabs if you are on your night out and realize you are over the limit

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Sebokoane / 23-07-2018, 19:24

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10.0 "A happy client"

  • +I was greatly assisted with my insurance by MAKGETHU
  • -

Lee-Ann van Zyl / 23-07-2018, 19:16

+0 -0

5.3 "Had to replace my windscreen"

  • +Fast service
  • -Nothing

Chiedza / 23-07-2018, 19:11

+0 -0

10.0 "Very good in general"

  • +Great service
  • -Not applicable

Carlo-Jacques du Plessis / 23-07-2018, 19:09

+0 -0

10.0 "Excellent"

  • +Service
  • -Nothing

ebrahim chodree / 23-07-2018, 18:27

+0 -0

8.7 "all good thanks"

  • +good customer service
  • -slow answer