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  • Customer Service
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Susanne Venter / 23-07-2018, 19:15

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10.0 "They are just the best when it comes to customer service. All the time. I have never had a bad experience with FNB."

  • +Fantastic customer service
  • -Cannot mention anything

Samantha May / 23-07-2018, 19:03

+0 -0

5.3 "FNB is generally has very good service but good customer service is lacking in my area."

  • +I like FNB's services they offer like E-Wallet and internet banking. As Iv'e mentiond - the customer service is generally good in other areas.
  • -There are almost always long lines because where I live there usually is only one teller to assist in the bank. I am not sure if this is done on purpose to encourage customers to use the ATM outside for deposits. There is just one outside and there are many customers who need to deposit change - something that cannot be done through the ATM outside. I hope something will be done in this regard. Maybe have someone extra as a teller during business lunch times.

Elaan Coetzee / 23-07-2018, 18:58

+0 -0

8.7 "I have been with FNB for 20 years and I very rarely have any issues with them. "

  • +Innovative services like cardless withdrawals and great online banking services
  • -Nothing

Nadia Du Toit / 23-07-2018, 18:50

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10.0 "Online experience is very effortless"

  • +Good customer service
  • -Always long cues at branch

Michelle / 23-07-2018, 18:24

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10.0 "Very good"

  • +I've been with fnb for over 8 years and they really are the best. I was with Nedbank.. then Absa and changed to FNB.. best decision I ever made
  • -Sometimes their ATMs are out of order