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The Top 9 Reasons Car Insurance Claims Get Rejected

 Most of us don’t know that if our tyres are too worn or we missed a premium payment for longer than 15 days and we are in an accident, our car insurance provider doesn’t have to pay our claims and they most likely won’t. According to the annual ombudsman’s report, the Ombud resolved 9,474 complaints out of 9,779 formal complaints lodged in the review period, recovering a total of R87.2 million for consumers! Even if you […]

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How Much Should Life Insurance Actually Cost in South Africa?

Yes, we don’t all need Life Insurance. People with names like Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Arnault don’t need it. For the rest of us, we generally do need Life Insurance. We have all been here, thinking, “Do I actually need Life Insurance or can I spend the money elsewhere”. We love to have the “that will never happen to me attitude,” because in a way it’s actually being positive…good thoughts yield good outcomes right, not in this […]