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South Africa’s Prices Soar: See How We Did The #10YearChallenge

Everyone’s feeling the pinch already in 2019 and the 2019 Budget Speech didn’t help ease our weary minds. Are your expenses increasing, are you getting less for your money and your salaries are staying the same?  South Africa's #10YearChallenge     The Dreaded Yearly Budget Speech In this year’s budget speech the minister painted a gloomy picture for South Africa as the country is struggling with growing expenditures, failing SOEs and declining revenues. The country is […]

Most Affordable Car Insurance Companies In South Africa Compared

One of the most frequently asked questions in South Africa is “Which insurance company has the most affordable car insurance premiums”, we were wondering the same thing so we did some research. We have taken 5 different consumer profiles and compared the insurance companies that came out the cheapest on our comparison engine.  25-year-old single woman, driving a Hyundai i20­­­­ 35-year-old married man, driving a Polo 45-year-old married male, driving a Hilux Bakkie 55-year-old divorced female. Drives […]

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Car Insurance

According to the Automotive Association of South Africa, 11.4 million vehicles are registered on the South African roads, and 65% to 70% of these cars are not insured. Which can be a little worrying as you could have an accident with one of those uninsured cars and that causes a whole mess of problems!  Some drivers argue that car insurance is too expensive but the real question is can you afford not to have car […]

Men or Women: Who Is The Better Driver?

When it comes to driving, two conversations are always had.  Firstly, do Cape Townians drive better than their Johannesburg counterparts, and secondly, are women better drivers than men? After much debate, Discovery Insurance recently released a report detailing which province boasted the best and worst drivers in South Africa. If you are unhappy with your car insurance premium and think you may be being ripped off, do our 5-minute car insurance comparison below. According to the […]