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Election Results of 2019 to be Trusted or Not?

Every voting period there is some type of controversy around the credibility and outcome of the “votes”. For years people have been talking about ballot boxes being stuffed with pre-ticked ballots, boxes of certain area’s votes going missing etc. but nothing as serious as this election’s controversy. The reports of the double- voters scandal. The Independent Election Commission of South Africa (IEC) urgently carried out a vote audit to determine if double voting did occur […]

Here’s The New Up-and-Coming Drunk Diving Laws For 2019

In an effort to reduce drunk driving in South Africa, the police are clamping down on this offense and in this case taking prisoners, pun intended.  In November 2018, RTMC suggested to the Department of Justice that driving under the influence (DUI), excessive speed and recklessness or negligent driving will be reclassified in accordance with the Act on Criminal Procedure. This would include changing DUI from schedule 2 offense to a schedule 5 offense. What exactly […]