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South Africa’s Prices Soar: See How We Did The #10YearChallenge

Everyone’s feeling the pinch already in 2019 and the 2019 Budget Speech didn’t help ease our weary minds. Are your expenses increasing, are you getting less for your money and your salaries are staying the same?  South Africa's #10YearChallenge     The Dreaded Yearly Budget Speech In this year’s budget speech the minister painted a gloomy picture for South Africa as the country is struggling with growing expenditures, failing SOEs and declining revenues. The country is […]

Think Like A Scammer To Avoid Them

You’ve just had a car accident and it is hard to tell who is at fault, that’s a tough situation to be in. But have you thought about the scamming villain? What if someone purposefully crashed into you to rob you or make it look as if it was your fault? Do you know how to recognize these scams? Let’s look at some of the popular car crash scams in South Africa: 1. Another Bang To Make […]