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Updated Eskom Load Shedding Schedule – don’t be left in the dark

Load Shedding is back on schedule for South Africa, we all know that frustrating heart dropping sound of the electricity going off when you least expect it so we are here to keep you informed.  Load Shedding Status: rolling rotational cuts currently at stage 4. We used to get upset as stage 4 was the worst we had experienced, recently we have hit stage 6. So does that mean that we should be grateful for […]

“My Insurance Claim Was Rejected!”, This is How to Overturn it!

  Are you one of the many thousands of South Africans who put their hard-earned cash into the hands of insurance companies? Many of us want to believe that regardless of what happens to our assets, if we pay our monthly premium, our insurers will recoup our losses, but is that really the case? The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance, otherwise known as OSTI, released their 2018 report stating that last year saw a rather […]

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Which Stores Are Kicking A$$ This Black Friday

Black Friday is becoming bigger and bigger South Africa, but for many people in can be very overwhelming. Which stores are running Black Friday specials on 29th November 2019? Should I buy online or in the store? When will I get time to get to the shops or spend hours online? So many questions but luckily we are here to give you some advice. When will I get time to get to the shops or […]