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Here’s The New Up-and-Coming Drunk Diving Laws For 2019

In an effort to reduce drunk driving in South Africa, the police are clamping down on this offense and in this case taking prisoners, pun intended.  In November 2018, RTMC suggested to the Department of Justice that driving under the influence (DUI), excessive speed and recklessness or negligent driving will be reclassified in accordance with the Act on Criminal Procedure. This would include changing DUI from schedule 2 offense to a schedule 5 offense. What exactly […]

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The Sick Joke That is Another Petrol Price Increase in May

I know I know it seems unreal but I promise you this isn’t a joke. The Department of Energy has announced that there will be ANOTHER petrol price increase enforced on 1 May 2019. Petrol will be increasing by 54 cents costing us R16.76 per litre for 95 unleaded and R16.49 for 93 unleaded. The only people that are catching a break here is diesel drivers as their prices will only be increasing by R0.01, thinking of […]

Most Affordable Car Insurance Companies In South Africa Compared

One of the most frequently asked questions in South Africa is “Which insurance company has the most affordable car insurance premiums”, we were wondering the same thing so we did some research. We have taken 5 different consumer profiles and compared the insurance companies that came out the cheapest on our comparison engine.  25-year-old single woman, driving a Hyundai i20­­­­ 35-year-old married man, driving a Polo 45-year-old married male, driving a Hilux Bakkie 55-year-old divorced female. Drives […]