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increased car insurance premium

How Much Should Your Car Insurance Increase Actually Be?

Have you gotten the email yet… “Dear Customer, here is your annual policy update”? This is pretty much code for we are increasing your monthly insurance premium. This time of year between Christmas, new years and the everlasting Jan/ Feb is an exciting time but it’s also the time that every single one of your debit orders increase. Insurance premiums, gym contracts, Medical Aid premium and more go up and the only thing that seems […]

“My Insurance Claim Was Rejected!”, This is How to Overturn it!

  Are you one of the many thousands of South Africans who put their hard-earned cash into the hands of insurance companies? Many of us want to believe that regardless of what happens to our assets, if we pay our monthly premium, our insurers will recoup our losses, but is that really the case? The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance, otherwise known as OSTI, released their 2018 report stating that last year saw a rather […]

Car license renewal penalty fee's

Car Licence Renewal Penalty Fees

The days of getting your car license renewal reminder in the post a couple of weeks before it expires is far behind us. Don’t get me wrong we love the paperless, less population, let’s save the planet idea but we would still like some sort of reminder Mr. Traffic Officer. The traffic department has said that it’s our own responsibility to renew our car licenses on time but it seems slightly archaic that we wouldn’t […]

Cheap Insurance Companies with Bad Reviews

You just bought a new car or you are looking for a new insurance provider. Do you choose the cheapest insurance quote, or do you first do your own homework about the reputation of the company? Luckily we’ve done the research for you. Click below and we will show you car insurance quotes from multiple providers as well as consumer reviews…for FREE: According to, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business […]