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1Life Insurance believes that with insurance services they can change people’s lives to help people in need when they need it. 1Life tries to ensure that their insured clients get the financial protection for themselves and their families against disability, death and illness.


With 1Life you can get a life insurance policy in 1 call and save up to 22% on your monthly insurance premium. 1Life offers their clients a financial needs analysis for free to make sure that they get the correct life insurance cover based on their situation they are in, in their lives and what they can afford to pay as a life insurance premium. 1Life provides the following products: Life Insurance, Funeral Cover, Disease Cover, Female Dread Disease Cover, Disability Insurance, Expenses Protector and Investment opportunities.


With 1Life, if you want to qualify for certain types of cover you will be required to go for HIV testing and certain medical tests. What are the benefits of 1Life Life Insurance:

  • It just takes 1 call and you can get up to R10 million life cover
  • You can nominate 10 people to get financial support in the case of your death
  • Only HIV testing required
  • There will be no increase in premiums for the 1st 24 months
  • There will be an immediate payment benefit of R50 000 to help with funeral costs


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