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South africas fuel hike 2018 MoneyPanda

Cause Of SA’s Biggest Petrol Hike In History

South Africans should brace themselves for what is being dubbed ‘the biggest petrol price hike in South Africa’s history”. This ...
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who is liable for damage to public property in a car accident by MoneyPanda

I Crashed Into A Traffic Light… Must I Pay For It?

On Monday, July 30, a minibus taxi carrying over twenty learners on the N2 highway in Cape Town, crashed into ...
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When do I need to get life insurance

“I don’t NEED Life Insurance”

Yes, we don’t all need Life Insurance. People with the names like Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Arnault don’t need it. For ...
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Think Like A Scammer To Avoid Them

You've just had a car accident and it is hard to tell who is at fault, that's a tough situation to be ...
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